About us

Drafting De Roeck is an allround technical drafting agency specialized in installations in buildings.

We offer support to both companies and individuals in need of techical drafters.

Furthermore, in many cases we can save costs for design and installation processes by outsourcing drawing assignments.


We strive to deliver craftsmanship, time after time.

Our work not only shows our skills but also our passion for the proffesion.

For us, designing aesthetic and at the same time efficient is part of who we are.


On this page you will find more info regarding our services..

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Company registration number:

BE 0810.154.391

Our services

General drafting support


Support for engineering offices and installation companies in order to meet deadlines in new or existing projects





Convert your existing plans and diagrams into CAD versions.



Outsourcing of drawing assignments


If the assignment purely consists of copying drafts,

or converting existing plans into digital versions it can very likely be outsourced.

Because of outsourcing these assignments to countries where wages are respectively lower more cost efficiency can be achieved.

In case you can deliver qualitative sketches this can result in significant savings in desing or installation costs.





Mapping installations without documentation.


Designing installations and carrying out light studies.


Composing site and floor plans, wire diagrams and distribution schematics.


Following up on implementation of installations and accompanying official inspectors during technical reviews.





Composing site and floor plans, principal diagrams and aerolic schematics.





Composing site and floor plans, principal diagrams and hydraulic schematics.



Elevator installations


Composing detailed drawings required for installation of elevators, site plans, car detailing, landing views en schaft cuts.



Geothermal energy


Mapping geothermal drillings on site plans.